Scientific Research constitutes a major component of the mission of most institutions of higher education. It is also a prerequisite for developmental activities of nations and societies over the history. Being part of KFUPM as a leading University in the region, the Deanship of Research, does not only support research activities of our faculty, but also contributes to their scholarly and teaching skills through research projects, conference attendance support, and collaboration with international institutions.

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Abhathi is a fully fledged research management and support system developed by research development and support unit at the Deanship of Research. Abhathi aims to serve KFUPM researchers and decision makers. It enables any researcher to update his profile, control his projects, and to be aware of the research with-in his department or any other with-in KFUPM.

It also enables decision-makers to make more informed decisions. Abhathi facilitates the efficient research outputs management; offers informative statistics and reports about research indicators using live data; and continuously updates research output and researchers’ profiles. Abhathi is a comprehensive suite comprising three online research systems sharing a centralized database.

Project Management System (PMS)

PMS is an online research management software, used mainly by the research office staff, to manage research proposals, funding projects, requests related to active projects, communications with external reviewers, evaluations of submitted proposals/ projects reports and projects budgeting.

Research Data Repository (RDR)

RDR is designed to provide an institutional repository for collecting, preserving, and disseminating the intellectual output of KFUPM. The repository includes, but not limited to, research articles, authored books, attended conferences, issued patents, internal and external projects, funds, supervised students and other assets related to research activities.

Researcher Profile

Abhathi includes a researcher profile system, which is the connection point between the KFUPM researcher and DSR’s systems namely RDR and PMS. The logged-in user can access the functionalities provided by PMS such as proposal submission, tracking projects etc. In addition, he can explore and updated his research data.

Resource Management System

It can be considered as a hub for complete data related to Research Labs, Equipment & Staff with the prime to avail information and to facilitate sharing & managing the equipment. Accordingly a database has been created which includes all the relevant information about the laboratories and equipment with their location, specifications, model, photographs and responsible faculty/researcher or engineer.

The aim of this system is to serve the researchers from with-in and or outside university, to know and reserve the available research resources or equipment with-in KFUPM.